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In Hamamatsu, 3.2% of the population, 26,000 residents are foreign residents. It makes the city one of the highly concentrated cities of foreign residents in Japan. Most of them are from south america and are called “New Comer”

After the amendment of the Immigration Control Act in 1990, the numbe of factory workers increased rapidly. These days, they tend to settle down in Japan with their family. Around 80 nationalities are living together in Hamamatsu city facing the culture and custom difference of Japanese society.

They face many problems as health, education, human right and work which we should consider about. Specially there are many tasks about the education of foreign children that we should resolve.

We made this website for foreign children be able to receive appropriate education and live in harmony in Japan.
On these pages, we provide information about the difference of education system between Japan and foreign countries, senior high schools and organization which works to support the immigrants.