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Senior High School

Most of the people in Japan, graduate from senior high school. However, the Japanese education system and the foreign countries’ one are different, causing a consciousness difference about getting to senior high school.
There are many foreign children who can’t get into high school or even can’t graduate from junior high school because the reasons set forth below.
・Unable to get enough information due to the language barrier.
・Foreign children are considered outside the scope of compulsory education.
・Having to start to work early because of the financial situation of the family, etc.
For the children to be able to have a richer life, we need to provide them with the right information on Japanese education.

Therefore, Hamamatsu NPO Network Center published the Guidebook for entering Senior high School in 2005. There’s information on [The Japanese Educational System],[Varieties of Senior high school],[Fees of Senior High School], [Scholarships and Educational Loans] and so on.

These pages provides information on the following:

・The difference between Japanese Educational System and South America Educational System.
・Senior high schools which have special system for foreign students.
・Technical school.

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