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High School Tuition Support Fund

The Support Fund for the students who will get in school after April of 2014 will change.
The families with the annual income under 9.1 million can receive the support which will cover all the value of school tax of public school, or a part of private school if the apply properly to receive that.
If you don’t apply, you will have to pay for the school tax by yourself

The way of application: Have to hand in the next documents 1) Application formwhich school gives to you 2) taxation certificate of the parents, can be get at the prefecture of your city.

For more details, ask the high school you will enter in.

Q1. What will it change from the previous system?

In the previous system the school tax of high school was free for anyone but on this new one, there are a condition of annual income and application is needed.
Also, the amount of support for private school students will increase turning it possible for them be able to choose their next stage without need to worry about their family economy situation.

Q2. How much is the support fund?

Public School Private school (day time)
families annual income Amount of the support families annual income Amount of the support
under ¥9,100,000 Same price as tuition under ¥5,900,000 ¥396,000
under ¥9,100,000 ¥118,800
over ¥507,000 No support over ¥507,000 No support

Q3. Who can apply for the Support Fund?

Until now, non-collection and tuition support funding system plans were directed towards providing tuition support funds for designated students of various educational and technical schools labeled as government-acknowledged resources (natl., public, and private high schools (full-time, part-time, online) and post-junior high school curriculums, special education high schools, technical high schools (grades 1-3), and vocational high schools), but in addition, students of other educational institutions and vocational school general courses recognized by the Minister of Education will be granted other financial aid.

It also applies to students in a part of schools for foreigner recognized by the Minister of Education, in Shizuoka prefecture, EAS Hamamatsu and Mundo de Alegria.

In order to reduce the burden of educational costs apart from course tuition, a “High School Supplemental Scholarship Fund” will be established, intended for low-income households. Please be reminded that the systems set up to aid prefectures in handling nationwide welfare assistance efforts vary in content and scope depending on the region.

The funding does not apply to:
•Students who have already graduated, or current students who have exceeded 3 years of education (4 for parttime / online schools).
•Students of non-degree or alternative courses, students retaking courses, auditing students.
•Students with a household paying greater than ¥304,200 in municipal income taxes.

Q4. Who will receive the Support Funds?

School Administration (prefectural or educational institution) receives funding on behalf of student applicants, and sets the amount aside for curriculum costs. Students or guardians will not receive funds directly.
Considering discrepancies in school curriculum costs and tuition support funding, it may be necessary for students or guardians to cover tuition in excess (depending on the school, curriculum fees may temporarily have to be paid in full, but will be refunded at a later date when tuition funding is received).

Q5.Is there any other support for high school students?

(1) scholarship (No need to pay back)
Limit of income:annual income under 2.5 million
Subject:・Students who the guardian lives in Shizuoka.
Amount:・Welfare recipient 32,300 yen/year
    ・Families which the first child is at high school 37,400 yen/year
    ・Families which after the second child is at high school 129,700 yen/year
    (In case the family has another child who has less than 23years old and needs parents support)

(2) Support to restart your studies
We offer a support as value the maximum of 2 years school tax to whom has dropped high school before and will try to ack to school from April, 2014.

(3) Support to a unexpected change in family situation
Even the families who were not receiving the support because of the high income can receive if it changes by be cutting and not be able to pay for school tax anymore.

Multiligual information sites

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Contact for more information (Japanese only)

For public school students:Shizuoka Education Committee 054-221-3171
Private school students:Shizuoka Private School Affairs Division 054-221-2065
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology High School Tuition Support Fund

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