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Junior High School Graduation Equivalency Exam

Those who are 15 years old or older than that and applies to one of the situation mentioned below there are 2 ways to earn the right to take japanese senior high school examinations.
One way is to transfer to a japanese junior high school and graduate from it and the another way is pass the [Junior High School Graduation Equivalency Exam] “Chugakko sotsugyo teido nintei shiken”

  1. Dropped out of japanese junior high school before graduate it
  2. Didn´t finish the 9 years of mandatory education at outside of Japan
  3. Graduated of an international school in Japan but didn´t graduate a japanese junior high school

At Shizuoka prefecture, those who has graduated international school as Brazilian school, are not considered qualified to take japanese senior high school examinations.
The requirements to take senior high school examinations varies from prefecture to prefecture.

1. Requirement

Those who don´t have japanese nationality have to be over 15 years old until 31 March 2020.
To verify the other requirements, check this site.

2. Schedule of this year (2019)

Registration:08/19/2019 (Mon) – 09/06 (Fri)
Exam day: 24/10/2019 (Thu)
Result: P12/02/2019 (Mon) will send

3. Subjects

Japanese language, social studies, math, science and English of junior high school
The duration of each exam will be 40 minutes.
The exams will be evaluated individually. If you fail the exam of one of the subjects, you can take the exam of that subject again in the next year.

4. Level of the exam

The level of the exams is equivalent to the contents taught at junior high school. You can use the textbooks to study for this exam.
You can also check the past exams at this page.

5. Exames com a leitura dos Kanjis

As seguintes pessoas podem pedir por um exame com a leitura dos kanjis.

  1. Não tem a nacionalidade japonesa
  2. Tem a nacionalidade japonesa, mas viveu mais de 2 anos seguidos no exterior e que faça menos de 3 anos após vir ao Japão. (Chegou no Japão depois do dia 19 de agosto de 2016)
  3. Tirou a nacionalidade japonesa

6. Exemption of the exam of Japanese language and English

1) Those who have the certification of the test below can ask for the exemption of the exam of Japanese language.
1. Japanese Language Proficiecy Test (JLPT) above the level of N2

2) Those who have the certification of the test below can ask for the exemption of the exam of English.
1. EIKEN (Jitsuyou eigo ginou kentei) above the level of 3 kyuu
2. English Proficiency Test (Eigo kentei shiken) above the level of 3 kyuu
3. United Nations Associations Test of English, UNATE (Kokusai rengou kouyougo eigo kentei shiken) above the level of E kyuu

7. How to get the application form

1) Get at Shizuoka-Ken Kyouiku Iinkai Tokubetsu-shien kyouiku-ka (7th floor)
Weekdays 8:30 to 17:15 Tel:054-221-2942
2) Ask to them send you the application form
To do it you have to send an envelope which is written in red 中学校卒業程度認定試験請求 in the front. Inside of this envelope you have to enclose a stamped addressed envelope. The stamp has to be of 205 yen and also you have to write your address, name and phone number on this envelope
Destination: 〒420-8601 静岡市葵区追手町9-6 静岡県教育委員会 特別支援教育課
Shizuoka-shi Aoi-ku Ote-machi 9-6
recipient: Shizuoka-ken Kyouiku Iinkai Tokubetsu shien Kyouiku-ka
3) Contact the education board of your city.

8. Place of the exam

Shizuokaken Kyoiku Kaikan (Shizuoka-shi Aoi-ku Sunpu-cho 1-12) 7 minutes by foot from Shizuoka Station

9. For more information

Check these pages for more information.
Address: Tokyo Chiyoda-ku Kasumigaseki 3-2-2
TEL 03-5253-4111 (Extension 2024 or 2643)

(Information updated August 2019)

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