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Escola Objetivo de Iwata Tia Rosa (Iwata)

Address Iwata-shi Hitokoto 3592, postal code 438-0811
President Rosa Kayoko Tinen
Tel 0538-36-3225
FAX 0538-36-3440
E-mail tiarosaiwata@hotmail.com
URL none
  • Age of the students
  • Kindergarten to High school
  • Corporate status
  • None
  • Approval of Brazil Ministry of Education
  • Have
  • Graduation certification
  • Graduation of brazilian high school
  • Japanese classes number
  • 1 per week
  • Educational system
  • Kindergarten, Erementary, Junior High, Senior High school
  • Education system
  • Sistema de Ensino Objetivo

(Updated on September, 2019)

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