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Comprehensive Educational Support Center in Hamamatsu City

Address Postal code 430-0929
Hamamatsu-shi, Naka-ku, Chuou1-2-1. E-stage Hamamatsu 7F
Tel 053-457-2429
FAX 050-3737-5229
E-mail gaikokujin@city.hamamatsu-szo.ed.jp

Educational consultation

Started year 1993
Days Monday to Friday 8:30~17:00
Place E-stage Hamamatsu office 7F
Fee Free
Interpreter Portuguese、Spanish、English、French
Contents ・Telephone consultation service (053-457-2429)
・Consultation service at E-stage
These languages are available:Portuguese, Spanish, French, English, Japanese. (Languages which needs reservation first: Chinese, Taglog, Vietnamese and Indonesian)
Participants Foreign children and their parents who live in hamamatsu

Conference about future studies after graduation

  • Started year
  • 2017
  • Date
  • June
  • Place
  • At Hamamatsu city
  • Fee
  • Free
  • Interpreter
  • Portuguese, Spanish, Tagalog, vietnamese, Chinese, indonesian
  • Contents
  • Important information for those who want to go to high school or get a job in Hamamatsu.
  • Alvo
  • Foreign children and their parents
  • Characteristics
  • A private consultation will be held as well
  • Application
  • Contact us.


  • Started year
  • Date
  • Please wait
  • Place
  • In Hamamatsu city
  • Fee
  • Free
  • Contents
  • Study support with the goal of getting into high school
  • Participants
  • Junior high school students
  • Application
  • Contact us.
  • (Updated in March, 2020)

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