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Ryu no Kai

Address Hamamatsu-shi Naka-ku Ryusenji-cho 226-1, zip code 430-0924
President Yoshihiro Goto
TEL 053-453-0604
FAX 053-453-0604
E-mail goto510goto@nifty.com

Ryu no kai Ryusenji class

Started year May, 2001
Place Hamamatsu Ryusenji primary school [International class]
Days After school class:Tuesday・Thursday
Time 15:10~16:10
About the students who finish earlier, the class starts 10 minutes after the last class.
Fee Free
Class 1~2 students per class according to each level
Material Kanji daisuki (1)~(6)、Kokugo material 1st grade ~ 6th grade、Kanji gakusyu step level 10~level 6、Meu amigo kanji 1st~3rd grade、Nihongo Doremi 、others
Participants Primary school student、children with under 15 years old, children who are not going to school
Characteristics ・Ryu no kai is a volunteer group
・Since 2010 we started a summer vacation study support class. We practice this in the first week of August. 
Application No publicly seek. Accept students according to the request of school.
*Message Senior volunteer who has retired is welcome. Let’s support the foreign children who came to Japan without choice. We want to provide them a support which they can feel that it was good to come to Japan, to come to Hamamatsu. The most important thing isn’t the certification but your feeling of volunteer, motivation and love. 

(Updated on October, 2013)

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