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Hamamatsu technical school (Hamamatsu Techno College)

Direction 435-0056 Hamamtsu-Shi, Higashi-Ku, Koike-Cho 2444-1
Telefone 053-462-5602 (Direction of Practices)
FAX 053-462-5604
URL http://www.hamamatsu-tech.ac.jp

Job seeker training (youth course)

It is a training course (one year) for job seekers targeting young people under 30 years old.
There are two courses. One is the mechanical engineering department aiming to learn the machining technology. The other is the wooden building technology by the Japanese conventional method and aiming employment as carpentry.
Learn and acquire skills with Japanese trainees.

Practice periods One year of practice 1,400 hours
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering From the practical tooling of general purpose machines to the operation and programming of NC machine tools, realize comprehensive and practical training of technology.
Faculty of Architecture They provides training and knowledge on traditional techniques of wood construction, practices, etc.
Vacancies 20 students per faculty.
Requirements Desires to learn and academic school ability to acquire the necessary knowledge, to be under 30 years, can enroll people who are receiving unemployment insurance or not.
Examination subject Mathematics (1st year high school level), interview (same as Japanese)
Inscriptions 1) Middle of August to early of September
2) Middle of October to early November
3) Early January to end of January
4) Middle of February to early March
Admission Test 1) Middle of September
2) Middle of November
3) Early February
4) Middle of March
Results Within 1 week after exam
* If vacancies are filled at the end of the second period, registrations will be closed. If you wish to register please consult us.


Entrance Examination Fee 2,200 yen
Entrance Fee 5,650 yen
Tuition 118,800 yen/year*
Payment way Payment by Shizuoka prefectural income stamp (not income stamp).
Shizuoka prefecture revenue certificate is sold at prefectural municipal office building, police station, prefectural general government building etc.
* Purchasing expenses such as textbooks and training tools, general insurance fee of vocational trainees, training expense etc are required separately about 100,000yens.
* The entrance examination fee, entrance fee and tuition fee are as of April, 2019, the amount may be revised.

Desired foreign student image

  • A person who can have daily conversation in Japanese, read and write.
  • A person who have a visa without employment restrictions and intend to settle for a long time in Japan.
  • A person who understand or is acquired Japanese lifestyle.
  • A person who have an attitude to understand Japanese labor practices and employment rules.

*There are also training courses for foreigners who take Japanese language skills into consideration for youth course. For more information, please contact the interpreter.

(It is information as of September 2019)

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