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I. The Japanese Educational System
 1. The Japanese Educational System
 2. Who can take the entrance examination?

II. Varieties of Senior High School
 1. Gakunen-sei (Yearly advance) and Tani-sei (Credit-based)
 2. Varieties of courses

III. Fees of Senior High School
 1. Examination fee, Entrance Fee, and other expenses to pay at the time of school entrance
 2. Expenses (except tuition)
 3. Tuition and High School Enrollment Support Fund
 4. Other Expenses

IV. Scholarships and Educational Loans

V. The System of Student Selection

VI. CHOSA-SHO (Student Information Sheet)

VII. The Schedule until the Entrance Examination
 1. The Annual Schedule for the 3rd Grade Students of Junior High School
 2. The Schedule of the Entrance Examination to Public Senior High Schools
 3. The Schedule of the Entrance Examination to Private Senior High Schools

VIII. About Educational Counseling

IX. Terms used in High School or for Entrance Examinations

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